Hail To The Mormons

Book of Mormon hailed by critics

Get your Book of Mormon discount tickets because this musical has been hailed by numerous critics and for this very reason it has pushed tourists to come see it. It came from the creators of South Park and Avenue Q. Women’s Lifestyle magazine, Vogue, even called it the best musical of all time while The New York Times called it the best musical of the entire century which means it is going to be a couple of lifetimes before anybody comes close to topping the Book of Mormon. These rave reviews has catapulted and cemented its name among the greatest of musicals of all time.

With energetic performances by cast members who excel at what they do, you can’t blame them for saying that. The dance choreographer is Casey Nicholaw who happens to also be one of the directors of the stage play. The wonderful designs of the costume can be owed to Ann Roth as she is the costume designer. One must say here that she has done a stupendous job in styling the actors. The wonderful sound being heard throughout the entire play can be owed to Brian Ronan as he is the sound designer for Book of Mormon. He has really accentuated the experience of the play by his distinct sound designing.

The host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, even said that the Book of Mormon was so good that it made him angry. The Book of Mormon follows two main characters, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham. They are missionaries who have embarked on a journey to Uganda in order to convert people there into the Mormon religion. They find out the task is easier said than done as they encounter a series of events that were not what they were looking for. They also perform song and dance numbers of some of today’s biggest hits combined with Broadway songs as well. The musical has jokes that some people may not be able to relate to as it has jokes relating to poverty, sexuality and race. The parents should be aware that the play contains some profanity so they may end up covering their children’s ears on several occasions.

Nevertheless, The Book of Mormon, provides an experience of a lifetime with its powerful and gripping story-line, brilliant stage performances by the lead actors, beautiful visuals and the canvas created and lastly the music, which takes it to another level altogether.

Red Sox Season Predicitions

Boston Red Sox predictions for the 2014 season

Discount Red Sox tickets have started to skyrocket this season with a promising number of wins unlike what some people expected. Sports analysts believe that they have the potential to register yet another successful World Series Run in 2014. They just have to avoid the destructive WS Series hangover which tends to pull down league teams every year. Sox had a somewhat unpredictable offseason, with some of their major players such as Jacob Ellsbury departing to other teams which proved to be quite a blow for their side. Nevertheless, 2nd year player Jackie Jr. Bradley is expected to take over his position as center field. Despite having a big shoe to fill, manager John Farrell has shown great optimism in the player stating that with enough training he would give a stellar performance. He has tremendous faith in Jackie Jr. Bradley.

Another player to watch out for is Grady Sizemore, though he hasn’t played in any major league contest since 2011, he’s a point 269 hitter who managed to put up an impressive 90-RBI, 38-steal and 33-home run way back in the 2008 season. Sizemore is only 31yrs old but already shows the potential of becoming one of those successful spring season training stories. Boston’s main pitcher, Felix Doubront, has predicted that the team would win at least 15 of their starting games, however they may perform even better than this as they have shown in the past. In 2013, some sports predictors projected the team to win only 79 games in their entire season but they shocked everybody by finishing with a 97-65 score line, totally negating that prediction. This brings the league into a more interesting zone with every team having a chance to win it.

For Sox to remain on top of the US League East, they will need to enlist yet another frontline pitcher apart from the four main ones. Doubront is one of the likely candidates to fill this spot, having finished 3rd on yet another frontline pitcher outside the four with 11 wins and 16 quality starts last season. This period is even brighter for Boston with Bradley Jr. and Bogaerts expected to make the starting lineup, a sure injection of tact and speed to the team. They have decided to take every competing team head-on and ensure that they give their best shot right from the word go.

Orioles Replacing Manager?

Visit Oriole Park: One of the Most Attended Venues in America!

Formed in 1894, the Baltimore Orioles are a professional baseball team that plays in the Major League Baseball. Its home ground is just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore Orioles are the state’s Major League Baseball franchise. The majority of the ownership of the team belongs to Peter Angelos, a trial lawyer. Angelos, along with a group of businessmen, purchased the team for $173 Million from a previous owner Eli Jacobs.

Buy Baltimore Orioles Tickets today because they have had previous success winning three World Series titles, winning the last one in 1983 and the other two were in 1970 and 1966.They have also won eight division championships, the last one in 1997, and six Pennants last one in 1983.They have had only two wild cards berths (1996 and 2012). Its major rivals are the New York Yankees and The Washington Nationals. The uniform is made up of three colors, Black, White and orange.

Baltimore Orioles is under the stewardship of Manager Buck Showalter since the start of 2010. Showalter, a two-time American League Manager of the year, is now 58 year old. Baltimore team and players are usually referred to as “The Birds” or “The O’s”. The team has played at different stadiums since its inception, for instance in Borchert Field (Milwaukee, 1894), Lloyd Street Ground (Milwaukee, 1895-1901), Sportsmans Park (St. Louis, 1902-1953), Memorial Stadium (1954- 1991) and currently playing at Oriole Park – Camden Yards, their home ground since 1992.

Maryland Stadium Authority owns and operates the stadium which was opened on the 3rd of April 1992. The stadium construction was estimated at $110 million and was designed by Populous Architects. The stadium can hold a capacity of 45,971 fans currently but was originally designed to hold 48,876. Its record attendance was recorded at 49,828 and that was back then in July 2005 when the Baltimore’s hosted the Boston Red Sox. Lowest record attendance was on April 2010 when only 9,129 fans showed up. However, Oriole Park is the third most attended stadium in the Major League Baseball. The filed measures are as follows

· Left Field Line is 333 feet (101.5 m)

· Left Center is 364 feet (110.9 m)

· Deep Left Center is 410 feet (125 m)

· Center Field is 400 feet (121.9 m)

· Right Center is 373 feet (113.7 m)

· Right Field Line is 318 feet (96.9 m)

The stadium can be accessed via Camden Station for public transport.

Kansas City Chiefs Are in Popularity

Kansas City Chiefs: Finally Room for Optimism?

Find cheap Kansas City Chiefs tickets quick because this is one of the NFL teams which are consistently growing year by year despite their failure to play in the super bowl which is the ultimate reward for all league players. That’s no easy task. This improvement is what makes the Kansas City Chief’s fans hopeful for a win whenever they play. There’s a glimmer of hope surrounding whenever they step on to the field and take charge. You are always rooting for them. The upcoming pre-season games are in August and this team is expected to perform disputing the predictions that favor their opponents.

The first game will be against the Cincinnati Bengals on August 7 in Kansas City. The Bengals is not a team to be underestimated since it has been higher in the ranks. While this might look like an obvious win for the Bengals, the fact that the Chiefs have made significant improvement between 2012 and 2013 gives room for a surprise win. It could go either way. There is definitely no clear winner between the two.

The Kansas City Chief’s good rushing offense and average interceptions will be a big factor against their opponents. Moreover, it could take advantage of the Bengals poor skill at forcing fumbles, and ultimately beat them. All in all, this game will be a close call for both teams.

The second game will be against the Minnesota Vikings on August 23 in Kansas City. The Vikings were higher in the iron rank in 2012 but reversed positions with the Chiefs who have also won twice out of the three games played against these two teams. It looks like an easy win for the chief’s but the Vikings could also prove to be a hard team to beat because of their previous higher scores in the early weeks of the year. The Kansas City Chiefs could use its good rushing offense and average skill at forcing fumbles to beat the Minnesota Vikings.

The upcoming games are going to be a must watch for the football fanatics because both these teams are well deserving and the results could go any way for any and every one of them. However, there is match optimism for Kansas City Chiefs because of their consistency and better performance this year. But as they say, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings. So let’s not jump the gun and pronounce a winner before the game’s played.


Upcoming Rock Concerts in Atlanta

The next couple of months in Atlanta will be really hot, and not because of the weather, but because of the good rock concerts that were announced in the city so get your cheap concert tickets asap. If you have time, you can attend a good concert in Atlanta every day, but we will try to recommend you the best rock concerts you must go in case you have limited time at your disposal.

The first one is the concert of Ben Folds that will take place at the Symphony Hall, Atlanta, on 23rd May, starting at 8 PM. Folds started to sing in the late ’80s, while his last EP, Super Sunny Speed Graphic, was released in 2006. The tickets are priced between $40 and $80.

Another good concert that you really need to go to is the Neon Trees’ rock concert in Atlanta, on 23rd May, at the Tabernacle. The rock band, original from Utah, has released several independent singles. Their last song, “Animals” became viral on the Internet because of the video featuring the band playing in desert. You can find tickets online for $35-$55. Reasonably priced, we must say.

In June, do not miss the Little Dragon concert at the Variety Playhouse (Saturday, June 14) and Paul McCartney’s rock concert at the Philips Arena (Thursday, June 19). While we all grew up with Pauls’ songs and we love them, Little Dragon is a Swedish band that became famous in 2007, with their singles Test, Twice, After the Rain and Fortune.

Lionel Richie will have a rock concert in Atlanta on July 7, at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre. With more than 100 million records sold worldwide, do not forget he is one of the best-selling artists of all the time. And July cannot end without the Paramore concert. The band will play for their Atlanta fans Wednesday, July 30, at the Aarons Amphitheatre at Lakewood. If you like their singles like Decode, Misery Business or Monster, this concert is for you. July looks like the most awaited month for rock music enthusiasts.

In the end, we want to reveal to you the best rock concerts in Atlanta to end this summer; Korn will perform on August 5, Nine Inch Nails will come on August 8, Tori Amos will sing for us on August 19, while Aerosmith will make a show on August 28. This is indeed the most star-studded month to watch out for so hurry and buy the tickets before they sold out!

Dodgers Stadium History

The LA Dodgers Stadium

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “moving mountains,” you might think it’s merely a figure of speech. But that’s exactly what construction workers had to do back in 1959 during the construction of the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium. Hundreds were involved in the project and by the end of it they had moved a whopping 6 million cubic meters of soil and boulders in the construction site and from the surrounding areas. It was a mind-boggling undertaking to say the least. Get your cheap dodgers tickets today and watch history in the making.

The stadium took about three years to construct and ready-for-use (1959 to 1962) and cost over 20 million dollars. Do remember that this was more than 5 decades ago so if you were to factor in inflation, that figure would be worth around 150 million dollars today or even more. All the funding came from private investors. This was one of the most massive investments ever made into building a world-class football stadium.

Only two other ballparks have been around longer than the Dodger stadium namely Chicago’s Wrigley Field and Boston’s Fenway Park, both of which were commissioned in the early 1910s. Before Dodger Stadium was constructed, the team was based in Brooklyn. When O’Malley bought it in 1950, his initial plan was to construct a stadium in the same location. Due to political interference, however, this was not to be. As a result he had to find an alternate location and at the time, LA, which was doing quite well economically, seemed like the most sensible option. In addition to that, city officials were actively trying to convince ball teams to set up their base in LA. To say the least, the environment was perfect. It was a win-win situation, both, for the ball teams and the city officials.Truly, building this gigantic stadium, has been one of the marquee events in the history of football.

The city even went ahead to give the Dodgers 350 acres of land so that they could embark on construction immediately. The opening date was set for some time in 1961 but had to be pushed to 1962 because of legal battles and landslides. The very first game to be played in the stadium was on April 10th 1962 (The Reds Vs the Dodgers) in front of a full capacity crowd – well over 50,000. It is worth noting that at one time, the LA Angels also called the Dodger Stadium home, this was before they moved to Anaheim.

Dallas Cowboys Suck

The Dallas Cowboys Season Prediction

The Texas NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, are hoping that the upcoming draft will bring in solid players that will make their season successful. They have appointed Rod Marinelli as new defensive coordinator with Monte Kiffin as his assistant during this season. Having finished the last three seasons at 8-8,  Dallas Cowboys tickets will be significantly more expensive because they will bring in notable names to bolster their defense and, of course, their offense, especially after losing major players in the final-regular season game against Philadelphia. Under Coach Jason Garrett, who has a record of 29-27, the top talent that the draft class comes with, makes the year promising for the Cowboys. Garrett definitely has a huge task ahead of him, and first he has to win major games against top opponents both at home and away.

This year the Dallas cowboys will face a strong opponent, the San Francisco 49ers in their first game. Then, the team will play at home to the newly resurgent New Orleans Saints under their former Cowboys coach Sean Payton. They will then face the tricky Jacksonville Jaguars in a game that they are expected to game to unless they let it slip away. With their talent, the Jaguars should not be a major obstacle.

Coming from their Week 11 bye week, the Cowboys will play four divisional opponents over the last 6 games, and in between, the team will play against the Bears and the Colts, both of which are non-NFC East teams. In week 12, the Dallas Cowboys will face the, Giants and having fallen to them in week 7, Coach Garrett will certainly be looking for a win here. The two teams are closely matched and whoever wins in both legs will walk away with two important divisional wins.

The season appears open to everyone. To become winners, one team that the Cowboys have to be wary of is the Chicago Bears. In the past four seasons the Bears and the Cowboys have faced each other three times with the Bears winning all the three games and thrashing the Cowboys in the past two meetings. To emerge winners in this away assignment, they will need to break the Bears’ defense bolstered by new studs such as Lamarr Houston and Willie young. If the Dallas Cowboys can win such tough games, then, it is almost evident that the Coach Jason Garrett and his company will be champions this season.



An injury plagued New York Yankees only managed a mediocre performance last season, which is not where the team should be. The 2014 season however promises to have its own unique set of challenges and difficulties, most of which revolve around the presence and absence of key players. Get your cheap Yankees tickets quickly while you can!

The offseason was full of changes that may help add some depth to the team in order to raise their chances of succeeding this season. However, that success is going to be a hard-won one and is very dependent on how the newer players turn out. New stars will rise and will be the key torch bearers of their teams.

The most reliable team members are out, which means that the manager will have to come up with a new strategy. These include Alex Rodriguez, who was suspended for the whole year, Robinson Cano who became a free agent and left, and the much-needed Ivan Nova, whose pitching was of star quality.

The absence or injury of the key players has left the void that will have to be filled by team players such as Masahiro Tanaka, the future star pitcher of the team. David Robertson may end up dominating on the mound, and so would Michael Pineda. Jeter will leave on a high provided he lives up to his promise.

Nothing is as dangerous on a pitch as a baseball player about to retire. The legendary Jeter is about to retire and 2014 will be his last season. It will be a matter of honor for the New York Yankees to see that this great sportsman retires with dignity. As long as he does not have any injuries, Jeter will be at the forefront of leading his baseball team. His determination knows no bounds, which is why he will do everything in his power to motivate his team to a great victory.

It is still early days. However, the offseason changes made to the team mainly because of injuries, should be able to hold it together for the duration of the season. The team is also in a good position to acquire some good players. As long as the manager makes the right choices with regard to which team players should be given priority in, it is likely that the newer ones will surprise everyone. The New York Yankees will definitely improve their overall standings this year.