Kansas City Chiefs Are in Popularity

Kansas City Chiefs: Finally Room for Optimism?

Find cheap Kansas City Chiefs tickets quick because this is one of the NFL teams which are consistently growing year by year despite their failure to play in the super bowl which is the ultimate reward for all league players. That’s no easy task. This improvement is what makes the Kansas City Chief’s fans hopeful for a win whenever they play. There’s a glimmer of hope surrounding whenever they step on to the field and take charge. You are always rooting for them. The upcoming pre-season games are in August and this team is expected to perform disputing the predictions that favor their opponents.

The first game will be against the Cincinnati Bengals on August 7 in Kansas City. The Bengals is not a team to be underestimated since it has been higher in the ranks. While this might look like an obvious win for the Bengals, the fact that the Chiefs have made significant improvement between 2012 and 2013 gives room for a surprise win. It could go either way. There is definitely no clear winner between the two.

The Kansas City Chief’s good rushing offense and average interceptions will be a big factor against their opponents. Moreover, it could take advantage of the Bengals poor skill at forcing fumbles, and ultimately beat them. All in all, this game will be a close call for both teams.

The second game will be against the Minnesota Vikings on August 23 in Kansas City. The Vikings were higher in the iron rank in 2012 but reversed positions with the Chiefs who have also won twice out of the three games played against these two teams. It looks like an easy win for the chief’s but the Vikings could also prove to be a hard team to beat because of their previous higher scores in the early weeks of the year. The Kansas City Chiefs could use its good rushing offense and average skill at forcing fumbles to beat the Minnesota Vikings.

The upcoming games are going to be a must watch for the football fanatics because both these teams are well deserving and the results could go any way for any and every one of them. However, there is match optimism for Kansas City Chiefs because of their consistency and better performance this year. But as they say, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings. So let’s not jump the gun and pronounce a winner before the game’s played.

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