Dodgers Stadium History

The LA Dodgers Stadium

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “moving mountains,” you might think it’s merely a figure of speech. But that’s exactly what construction workers had to do back in 1959 during the construction of the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium. Hundreds were involved in the project and by the end of it they had moved a whopping 6 million cubic meters of soil and boulders in the construction site and from the surrounding areas. It was a mind-boggling undertaking to say the least. Get your cheap dodgers tickets today and watch history in the making.

The stadium took about three years to construct and ready-for-use (1959 to 1962) and cost over 20 million dollars. Do remember that this was more than 5 decades ago so if you were to factor in inflation, that figure would be worth around 150 million dollars today or even more. All the funding came from private investors. This was one of the most massive investments ever made into building a world-class football stadium.

Only two other ballparks have been around longer than the Dodger stadium namely Chicago’s Wrigley Field and Boston’s Fenway Park, both of which were commissioned in the early 1910s. Before Dodger Stadium was constructed, the team was based in Brooklyn. When O’Malley bought it in 1950, his initial plan was to construct a stadium in the same location. Due to political interference, however, this was not to be. As a result he had to find an alternate location and at the time, LA, which was doing quite well economically, seemed like the most sensible option. In addition to that, city officials were actively trying to convince ball teams to set up their base in LA. To say the least, the environment was perfect. It was a win-win situation, both, for the ball teams and the city officials.Truly, building this gigantic stadium, has been one of the marquee events in the history of football.

The city even went ahead to give the Dodgers 350 acres of land so that they could embark on construction immediately. The opening date was set for some time in 1961 but had to be pushed to 1962 because of legal battles and landslides. The very first game to be played in the stadium was on April 10th 1962 (The Reds Vs the Dodgers) in front of a full capacity crowd – well over 50,000. It is worth noting that at one time, the LA Angels also called the Dodger Stadium home, this was before they moved to Anaheim.

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