An injury plagued New York Yankees only managed a mediocre performance last season, which is not where the team should be. The 2014 season however promises to have its own unique set of challenges and difficulties, most of which revolve around the presence and absence of key players. Get your cheap Yankees tickets quickly while you can!

The offseason was full of changes that may help add some depth to the team in order to raise their chances of succeeding this season. However, that success is going to be a hard-won one and is very dependent on how the newer players turn out. New stars will rise and will be the key torch bearers of their teams.

The most reliable team members are out, which means that the manager will have to come up with a new strategy. These include Alex Rodriguez, who was suspended for the whole year, Robinson Cano who became a free agent and left, and the much-needed Ivan Nova, whose pitching was of star quality.

The absence or injury of the key players has left the void that will have to be filled by team players such as Masahiro Tanaka, the future star pitcher of the team. David Robertson may end up dominating on the mound, and so would Michael Pineda. Jeter will leave on a high provided he lives up to his promise.

Nothing is as dangerous on a pitch as a baseball player about to retire. The legendary Jeter is about to retire and 2014 will be his last season. It will be a matter of honor for the New York Yankees to see that this great sportsman retires with dignity. As long as he does not have any injuries, Jeter will be at the forefront of leading his baseball team. His determination knows no bounds, which is why he will do everything in his power to motivate his team to a great victory.

It is still early days. However, the offseason changes made to the team mainly because of injuries, should be able to hold it together for the duration of the season. The team is also in a good position to acquire some good players. As long as the manager makes the right choices with regard to which team players should be given priority in, it is likely that the newer ones will surprise everyone. The New York Yankees will definitely improve their overall standings this year.

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