Hail To The Mormons

Book of Mormon hailed by critics

Get your Book of Mormon discount tickets because this musical has been hailed by numerous critics and for this very reason it has pushed tourists to come see it. It came from the creators of South Park and Avenue Q. Women’s Lifestyle magazine, Vogue, even called it the best musical of all time while The New York Times called it the best musical of the entire century which means it is going to be a couple of lifetimes before anybody comes close to topping the Book of Mormon. These rave reviews has catapulted and cemented its name among the greatest of musicals of all time.

With energetic performances by cast members who excel at what they do, you can’t blame them for saying that. The dance choreographer is Casey Nicholaw who happens to also be one of the directors of the stage play. The wonderful designs of the costume can be owed to Ann Roth as she is the costume designer. One must say here that she has done a stupendous job in styling the actors. The wonderful sound being heard throughout the entire play can be owed to Brian Ronan as he is the sound designer for Book of Mormon. He has really accentuated the experience of the play by his distinct sound designing.

The host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, even said that the Book of Mormon was so good that it made him angry. The Book of Mormon follows two main characters, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham. They are missionaries who have embarked on a journey to Uganda in order to convert people there into the Mormon religion. They find out the task is easier said than done as they encounter a series of events that were not what they were looking for. They also perform song and dance numbers of some of today’s biggest hits combined with Broadway songs as well. The musical has jokes that some people may not be able to relate to as it has jokes relating to poverty, sexuality and race. The parents should be aware that the play contains some profanity so they may end up covering their children’s ears on several occasions.

Nevertheless, The Book of Mormon, provides an experience of a lifetime with its powerful and gripping story-line, brilliant stage performances by the lead actors, beautiful visuals and the canvas created and lastly the music, which takes it to another level altogether.

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