Red Sox Season Predicitions

Boston Red Sox predictions for the 2014 season

Discount Red Sox tickets have started to skyrocket this season with a promising number of wins unlike what some people expected. Sports analysts believe that they have the potential to register yet another successful World Series Run in 2014. They just have to avoid the destructive WS Series hangover which tends to pull down league teams every year. Sox had a somewhat unpredictable offseason, with some of their major players such as Jacob Ellsbury departing to other teams which proved to be quite a blow for their side. Nevertheless, 2nd year player Jackie Jr. Bradley is expected to take over his position as center field. Despite having a big shoe to fill, manager John Farrell has shown great optimism in the player stating that with enough training he would give a stellar performance. He has tremendous faith in Jackie Jr. Bradley.

Another player to watch out for is Grady Sizemore, though he hasn’t played in any major league contest since 2011, he’s a point 269 hitter who managed to put up an impressive 90-RBI, 38-steal and 33-home run way back in the 2008 season. Sizemore is only 31yrs old but already shows the potential of becoming one of those successful spring season training stories. Boston’s main pitcher, Felix Doubront, has predicted that the team would win at least 15 of their starting games, however they may perform even better than this as they have shown in the past. In 2013, some sports predictors projected the team to win only 79 games in their entire season but they shocked everybody by finishing with a 97-65 score line, totally negating that prediction. This brings the league into a more interesting zone with every team having a chance to win it.

For Sox to remain on top of the US League East, they will need to enlist yet another frontline pitcher apart from the four main ones. Doubront is one of the likely candidates to fill this spot, having finished 3rd on yet another frontline pitcher outside the four with 11 wins and 16 quality starts last season. This period is even brighter for Boston with Bradley Jr. and Bogaerts expected to make the starting lineup, a sure injection of tact and speed to the team. They have decided to take every competing team head-on and ensure that they give their best shot right from the word go.

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